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Hexagonal Wire Mesh Machine
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Heaxgonal Wire Netting Machine
Heaxgonal Wire Netting Machine

Hexagonal wire netting machine

Main part:

1. Mesh width: 1.2m   length:2.65m   width:1.9m   height:1.3m   weight:2t   power:2.2kw

2. Mesh width: 2.3m   length:3.65m   width:1.9m   height:1.3m   weight:2.5t   power:2.2kw


1. Spool winding machine: overall dimension:(L*W*H) 850*700*1000mm

Power: 0.75kw Weight: 50kg

2. Spring winding machine:overall dimension:(L*W*H) 2050*700*1500mm

Power: 0.75kw Weight: 100kg



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