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Improving of Horizontal gabion mesh machine
Improving of Horizontal gabion mesh machine
As a professional factory in producing wire mesh machine, we always do our best to improve our machines to meet the demand of market and enhance the market competitiveness. Through each department’s cooperation, and combined with the advice and suggestion feed back by our customers, last year we successfully research and develop a new kind of gabion wire mesh machine—Horizontal type gabion wire mesh machine.
Since last year, the horizontal gabion mesh machine is very popular for our customers, and we are keeping improving our machine all the time. For now, we improved the accessory machine to be multilayer spring winding machine and supply both 2.5m and 2.8m width machine for satisfiy different demands of different customers.
Compared with our conventional gabion wire mesh machine, the horizontal type gabion wire mesh machine has some advantage as follows:
1) this new machine adopt horizontal type structure, running more smooth.
2) it’s high quality with low cost, the cost of the new machine decrease by about    50% than   before, so it will greatly improve the benefit space of our customers.
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